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What’s Next ?

Day 1: Lots of new important information has been made available to me. I realize I need to hook up all the social networking and bookmarks that I will be needing to stay current with my peers.

I think that water damage may be a common issue for potential customers in my area because I live on an island surrounded by a lot of ocean. I am going to look through the iTechs WIKI and maybe search yammer for water damage. I am able to log into both of these resources after registering and confirming my email.
I found some something called a dry bag while I was window shopping at the iTech store. I should have those on hand, I will double check my iTechs kit to make sure I don’t already have one. They need to be used immediately after the damage occurs. I see lots of other great tools (read: toys) available there also.

I am going exploring in the great expanse of information presented to me. I’ll keep notes of things I want to share. And I will immediately make a post when I have received my first dispatch. I am excited to be underway towards making the twenty repairs needed to earn my iTech badge.


No blog entry for yesterday. I spent a marathon day training!
Eleven hours of studying handouts, watching videos, and completing quizzes.
Our kids went with the grandparents and my wife and I had a nice take-out lunch from the Mexican Food place right in the middle..

Had I written a blog for yesterday, I would have explained some High School Electronics that came in useful:

Power(P) measured in watts = Current measured in amps (i) * Potential measured in volts (E)

Thank you Mr. Frank Marvin from Ellensburg Senior High School, I am pretty sure you gave me a C and I earned it…

Why is this pertinent information? It expands on information presented in the training materials but beyond the scope of the materials.

Now, today is another matter…

Five more hours of training today and I finished the course.

Yes, I finished the course.

How do I feel? Confident.


Lipstick on a pig

Missed a blog entry for yesterday; 11 hours at work preceded by my regular morning routine put me to bed after only half a training module completed.

Today was another matter altogether. I learned something about the training that was,at first, unsettling: if a contradiction of information occurs, the video always will override the written. That is foreign to me, I guess the training modules are a work in progress. Again, this may just be inconsistencies by design to expose cheaters. Today was the first time I needed to retake a certification exam. With grace I passed the second time, scoring 100%, but not before enduring the stress of failure. At least the training let me do the module over and issued my certification. I am relieved that there is not any severe penalty for failure.

I am keeping a list of things to be corrected within the training materials which I may decide to share with my manager. Awful pretentious of me, but not out of character. To know me is to love me…

Whip smart and liking this stuff

Busy day for me. All my regular routine took up most of my day but I found two, two hour time slots and completed the next training courses. The videos I watched over the weekend gave me insight towards what I was seeing happen slide by slide in the handouts. I tend to download and read the handout materials before beginning the actual training module. I could follow along with my handout and watch the video, but watching the video is only part of the training. I would eventually have to read the handout anyways.

The training modules end with tests which I passed, with one error on each of the certification quizzes. Strange, I usually score 100% on tests 🙂

The questions were not easy, they proved I read the handouts and watched the videos. I might discuss the questions I missed with my manager, but I passed, so there is no really no need. What is he gonna say? You are right, the correct answer is marked incorrect to make sure people aren’t cheating!

Skills people it’s all about the skills.
Today I feel like I have developed some skills and applied a few I already had.


Before bed last night I watched 3 iPad repair videos.

First thing this morning, I contacted my regional iTech manager via email, with a couple questions regarding the videos I watched. I informed him about this blog and asked if there was anybody that would be willing to assist… I received a reply within the hour and was pleasantly surprised with a link to official iCracked training website hosted with

I logged in, setup a password and began the first of 26 certification walkthroughs. Within the hour, I completed the ITech customer relation model and received Certificate #1.

Things are going very well, the path is clear. I have confidence that I am not on my own. This is all going to work out very well.

How I became in iTech with

Aloha Blog Viewers,
On Friday, June 13, 2014, I received my iTech Start-Up Kit from After opening and inspecting the contents I realized that there was a lot left to my imagination. I was going to need someway to put the steps to finishing my training in sequential order.

From the interview process, I learned that there are 13 devices that I needed to learn to repair from the flowcharts and videos. The start-up kit was delivered in a rugged hard shelled toolbox with the iCracked logo stuck on it. I found the (2) shirts that I ordered in the toolbox and promptly tried them on… nice.

I had expected a start here lesson plan but I have not found that yet…

I began to watch the videos hosted on that I found by searching for “icracked”.

I found the iCracked User Page.

Over the Father’s Day Holiday weekend I watched 9 of the 25 how-to videos posted on youtube by iCracked.

I also have leads for three repairs:

  • My daughter needs her iPod Touch 4th generation screen replaced and home button fixed.
  • The shopping mall manager would like his son’s iPhone 5c screen repaired.
  • My stepdad needs the screen replaced on his iPad2 which my Mother gave his last year.

I checked my inventory for the parts needed to perform these repairs and found that I had everything except for the lcd/digitizer assembly for the iPod Touch 4th Gen Black. Which I ordered from the website. The part was shipped via USPS the following day and I am waiting for delivery…

Having run my own website for quite sometime, I started this blog to assist myself and anyone else battling with the certification process of becoming an iTech with Your input is greatly appreciated… Mahalo and ALOHA!