Whip smart and liking this stuff

Busy day for me. All my regular routine took up most of my day but I found two, two hour time slots and completed the next training courses. The videos I watched over the weekend gave me insight towards what I was seeing happen slide by slide in the handouts. I tend to download and read the handout materials before beginning the actual training module. I could follow along with my handout and watch the video, but watching the video is only part of the training. I would eventually have to read the handout anyways.

The training modules end with tests which I passed, with one error on each of the certification quizzes. Strange, I usually score 100% on tests 🙂

The questions were not easy, they proved I read the handouts and watched the videos. I might discuss the questions I missed with my manager, but I passed, so there is no really no need. What is he gonna say? You are right, the correct answer is marked incorrect to make sure people aren’t cheating!

Skills people it’s all about the skills.
Today I feel like I have developed some skills and applied a few I already had.

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