Monthly Archives: August 2014

First Month Totals

During my first Month of being an iCracked Tech, my business grossed 500$. Revenue of 300$ was spent re-purchasing the parts that were used, so the net profit was 200$. I had 4 completed repairs and an incomplete device buyback converted to a miscellaneous parts sale. Three of five device were iPhone 4 series and two were iPhone 5. I have purchased parts for an upcoming iPad2 repair to be completed sometime soon.
I learned that the iPhone5 is a bit easier than the iPhone 4 and that the knuckle suction cup works just as well for me as the iSlack opener. The guitar pick also proved to be the right tool for the job of separating the home button flex cable from the old digitizer on the iPhone 5. I started from the gold contacts side and met the spudger in the middle coming from the other side.
And our baby arrived…. my wife somehow worked things out that the entire round trip to the hospital was 37 hours. Out of the house at 11pm Friday night back by noon Sunday morning. Yeah baby!