Monthly Archives: July 2014

Is this nesting Daddy Style?

If you read this far and you did not know. My wife and I are having our third child sometime later this month. In preparation for our big rush to the hospital, I visited our local car dealer and bought a new car. Why is this pertinent information? I drive old cars that breakdown fairly often. No that’s not it…
While I was in the dealership my iTech phone gave me a dispatch that I was unable to return via SMS or Voice. It did not seem strange to me at the time but I had delivered a handful of cards to my sales rep when I met him. I was applying for financing and I am self-employed. The financing offer ended that business day so  I need to get this car within 3.5 hours of the initial phone call…I’m glad the stars aligned on this one.

I got the car, I got the job, now… how do I get that customer?

He Ain’t Heavy

I completed my second repair today. Got paid for the first job and my customer was satisfied. Another dispatch came in after hours but the customer’s promise to call on Saturday to schedule a repair must have been lip service. It was a long drive anyways. My app said 12.8 miles but on an island that is 45 minutes away and I know the shortcuts! I was going to accept the job, so the dispatch would not go unclaimed and instead a new customer stepped up directly into the time slot I had allotted for my no-show. A song should be written for all the high notes the universe sings in my day.

I discovered something about myself today. I have a fear of being asked to do something that somebody else had already tried and failed. I have this projection (self imposed expectation) that people expect me to be better than others. I am not.  I can be nearly as good with practice. But I am far from superior, in fact, it’s not even a goal to compete with others. I do what needs to be done. When I find a problem, I take care of it.
Now that I found the problem, an adequate solution is to believe that strangers are my brothers, and I need not fear them. He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

Aligning with the collective

Bazinga! Today was the greatest day ever! Got my first Repair Dispatch before I had even left the bed. My first customer absolutely needs my service. In fact, I have the greatest first customer imaginable. Is it a complete fix?  No. Has my customer expressed explicit needs that I can fulfill? Yes! Was I able to follow the flowcharts and videos that were available to me? Well, sort of. I had to build on what I learned and use my tinker power. Undocumented technique sounds more professional. But tinker power is a better description. Since I have not yet returned my customer’s device and been paid yet, my success is not official. But to keep it real; Thank you Universe for the opportunity to serve your needs.