Yes. Definitely Yes.

I tend to think more than I should. Maybe that is why the first time that I travel some place seems to take the longest. Did I even mention that I am continually amazed at the way the universe works out perfectly? It was explained in a book by Satnam Nadeen, that life happens in spite of me, not because of me. I have this experience often.

Thinking a long time before I do something often serves me well.

New tools: iPhone 6 battery and screens, dock connectors in both white and black colors. I used PayPal Credit and expect to earn the principal within 6 months and avoid finance charges.

Have signed up my first Advantage client, iCracked sells 25$ deductable device insurance for 7$ per month, terms and conditions apply.

Here is a link to my iCracked Profile page showing my moxee.

Love my Wife and Kids. My daughter, Kawena, turns 1 year old this Sunday. My 7 Year old son, Ikaika, started 2nd grade this week and my soon to be ten year old daughter Kawehi started the 4th Grade. I am blogging using the Windows 10 Edge Browser, which from my persepective feels like the best Windows since 3.1.

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