Is this nesting Daddy Style?

If you read this far and you did not know. My wife and I are having our third child sometime later this month. In preparation for our big rush to the hospital, I visited our local car dealer and bought a new car. Why is this pertinent information? I drive old cars that breakdown fairly often. No that’s not it…
While I was in the dealership my iTech phone gave me a dispatch that I was unable to return via SMS or Voice. It did not seem strange to me at the time but I had delivered a handful of cards to my sales rep when I met him. I was applying for financing and I am self-employed. The financing offer ended that business day so  I need to get this car within 3.5 hours of the initial phone call…I’m glad the stars aligned on this one.

I got the car, I got the job, now… how do I get that customer?

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