Lipstick on a pig

Missed a blog entry for yesterday; 11 hours at work preceded by my regular morning routine put me to bed after only half a training module completed.

Today was another matter altogether. I learned something about the training that was,at first, unsettling: if a contradiction of information occurs, the video always will override the written. That is foreign to me, I guess the training modules are a work in progress. Again, this may just be inconsistencies by design to expose cheaters. Today was the first time I needed to retake a certification exam. With grace I passed the second time, scoring 100%, but not before enduring the stress of failure. At least the training let me do the module over and issued my certification. I am relieved that there is not any severe penalty for failure.

I am keeping a list of things to be corrected within the training materials which I may decide to share with my manager. Awful pretentious of me, but not out of character. To know me is to love me…

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