No blog entry for yesterday. I spent a marathon day training!
Eleven hours of studying handouts, watching videos, and completing quizzes.
Our kids went with the grandparents and my wife and I had a nice take-out lunch from the Mexican Food place right in the middle..

Had I written a blog for yesterday, I would have explained some High School Electronics that came in useful:

Power(P) measured in watts = Current measured in amps (i) * Potential measured in volts (E)

Thank you Mr. Frank Marvin from Ellensburg Senior High School, I am pretty sure you gave me a C and I earned it…

Why is this pertinent information? It expands on information presented in the training materials but beyond the scope of the materials.

Now, today is another matter…

Five more hours of training today and I finished the course.

Yes, I finished the course.

How do I feel? Confident.


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