What’s Next ?

Day 1: Lots of new important information has been made available to me. I realize I need to hook up all the social networking and bookmarks that I will be needing to stay current with my peers.

I think that water damage may be a common issue for potential customers in my area because I live on an island surrounded by a lot of ocean. I am going to look through the iTechs WIKI and maybe search yammer for water damage. I am able to log into both of these resources after registering and confirming my email.
I found some something called a dry bag while I was window shopping at the iTech store. I should have those on hand, I will double check my iTechs kit to make sure I don’t already have one. They need to be used immediately after the damage occurs. I see lots of other great tools (read: toys) available there also.

I am going exploring in the great expanse of information presented to me. I’ll keep notes of things I want to share. And I will immediately make a post when I have received my first dispatch. I am excited to be underway towards making the twenty repairs needed to earn my iTech badge.

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