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Washington State

While I was still inside my Mother's stomach, we flew to the Pacific Northwest to visit my Grandparents in Ellensburg, WA. It was on this vacation that Mom and Dad found out that I was on the way. They were both very excited and decided that having me in their lives would let them explore their love with a common purpose.

Nowadays, my parents serve me hand and foot... sometimes two hands and two feets from each of them. Show me the love.

I was just 10 days old in this photo !



The only snow for the Winter of 2005 was the week we arrived in the Pacific Northwest. One "Pineapple Express" followed us from Hawaii and melted all the snow causing mass flooding, frozen roads and cancellation of our plans to visit the Seattle area.

We will have to save that for next time.

We did enjoy the spectacular views driving south from Central Washington to Oregon and then again along the Columbia River towards the airport. We flew home to Kauai from Portland, Oregon via Kahalui, Maui.

More to follow...

This website will allow us to share our magic with you. My parents are exceptionally busy adults and this website will (hopefully) allow us to share our thoughts, photos, videos with our friends and family efficiently.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005