Kawehionapua Lola Alapai-Gutierrez

Womb with a view ?

Ashley Alapai

Beautiful Places

Mom and Dad celebrated purchasing the new Family Car by visiting the interior of the island of Kauai. This area is near Waialeale Crater and we waded through a tunnel under the mountain to reach this secret spot.

My mother is a loving, caring, beautiful and intelligent woman and I am fortunate to have her as my Mom.

Many people say my Daddy does not deserve her. He doesn't seem to care what they say, in fact, he sometimes agrees with them. Dad is silly like that.
Kawehionapua Photo

More to follow...

This website will allow us to share our magic with you. My parents are exceptionally busy adults and this website will (hopefully) allow us to share our thoughts, photos, videos with our friends and family efficiently.

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