Ikaikakamana`opono Perrin Alapai-Gutierrez

Birth: January 22, 2008 18:01 HST



My name is Ikaika, I was born at Wilcox Memorial Hospital on the island of Kauai, in the state of Hawaii, on January 22nd, 2008 at 6:01 pm HST. My parents are Ashley Kanoelani Gutierrez and Daniel George Gutierrez. I weighed 7 pounds and .5 ounce at birth. Dr. Littler delivered me and my labor nurse, Maile assisted her while my two grandmothers, my grandfather, my aunt, my sister and my father all waited. I cried right away and stayed up the first few nights.... sleeping most of the day. My daddy says I'm very much like him. Mom was highly-efficient with her labor this time, we left the house with contractions at 9am Tuesday and got home from the Hospital at 1pm on Thursday (~43 hours!).

My mother is Hawaiian-Chinese ancestry and my father is Mexican-Caucasian. In Chinese Astrology, my mother is a Rat and my father is a Sheep. 2008 AD is the year of the Pig, so that makes me a Pig. Utilizing Western Astrology, I am an Aquarius, at my birth the Moon was full in Leo and opposing the Sun in Aquarius. My father is a Virgo on the cusp of Libra and my mother is a Libra. Using ordinary playing cards for Astrology; I am a 5. My Mom is a 7♣, my Sister is a 5♣ and my Dad is a 2♠.

My mother married my father on April 23rd, 2005 at the Hanalei Pier. He dated her from when she was eighteen years old and they met while working at the Princeville Foodland supermarket. My Dad still sells music there and now Mom works mostly around the house although she was a waitress at Monico's Taquieria early in pregnancy.

This website will allow us to share our magic with you. My parents are exceptionally busy adults and this website will (hopefully) allow us to share our thoughts, photos, videos with our friends and family efficiently.

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