Kawehionapua Lola Alapai-Gutierrez

Daniel George Gutierrez

Daniel George Suzy

My Daddy

My father is Daniel George Gutierrez. He was born on September 22, 1967 at Whittier Pres. Hospital in California. He has two sisters, Debbie and Cindy. They both live in California.

Here is a picture of my Daddy with my Grandpa George and Grandma Suzy.

My dad likes to work on his computers and go camping and hiking. He has lots of good friends some of them for twenty years or more.

Aunty Debbie lives in Palm Springs, California and keeps an active lifestyle. Kauai is her home though and she celebrates my arrival daily, with us in heart and spirit.

More to follow...

This website will allow us to share our magic with you. My parents are exceptionally busy adults and this website will (hopefully) allow us to share our thoughts, photos, videos with our friends and family efficiently.

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